Nuclear Magic

Episode 1

Opening Shots


Edger, the Angry Mutant Gunslinger played by Joe

Thomas Templeton, the Shiny New Radpire played by Jim

The Stranger, a High Plains Sorcerer played by Dustin


Our first episode opens inside a tavern in a western style town that is a very accepting place for the magic and mutated creatures of the Nuclear Magic world. We focus in on a scene where Edger is standing up from the bar with his gun out and smoking. There is a body on the floor with a bullet hole in it and blood pooled out underneath it.

We are told by Edger that the victim was a bigot and deserved it. The Stranger and Thomas aren’t so sure about this, but the guy had come in insulting and threatening the customers. The stranger decides to search the body to see if he can find evidence of how much of a threat this guy was. He finds a gun, that he thinks he saw the victim going for before he got shot, but he’s not sure. He also finds a note.

The note that says, “The cleansing is coming.” Edger studies the note and finds a symbol on it covered in blood, he can’t see enough to identify it though. He does know that it isn’t arcane in nature though.

Edger uses this new information with the help of Thomas warming up the crowd, to convince the rest of the bar to not report them to the Sheriff. They also warn them to be careful, because it seems this guy may not be the only threat.

Now that being arrested is not an issue, they pick up the body and pretend it’s a drunk guy as they carry it to the undertaker to be taken care of. The Stranger intimidates the undertaker with a look to just take the body and take care of it without any questions. He asks a small price and wheels the body away.

The Stranger then goes for a walk while the others decide to guard the bar. While taking his walk the Stranger is attacked, but he can’t find the shooter. Fortunately, the Stranger is very tough and is able to take the bullets even though he’s having trouble hiding from the shooter.

Edger and Thomas hear the gun shots and run out to help The Stranger with Thomas running onto the roof where the sniper is and Edger running over to the Stranger and looking for the sniper to take a shot at him.

The Stranger finds the sniper first though and blasts him with his techno-magic arm throwing across the roof to land in an unconscious heap. Checking his gun they find out that it’s a badly made sniper rifle and Edger notices that the symbol on the gun is the same one on the note. Showing the symbol to the others, The Stranger remembers that this is the symbol of the Knights of the Old Ways who were formed as a reaction to the Invasion.

The party takes the unconscious Knight to an abandoned building and tie him to a chair. After the Knight wakes up Edger is so angered by this bigot that he punches him. Fortunately, he holds back and the injured man is able to resist it. The Stranger scares him into telling them everything they want to know. Even through his fear though, he can’t help but insult the mutants and magic creatures.

He tells the party about a warehouse on the edge of town where the a faction of the Knights currently are. He doesn’t know much more about the plan. Edger picks up the Knight and blows his head off with such force that the body is almost blown out of his hands.

The party then heads out to the warehouse, walking through a highly irradiated area. Fortunately, they are able to resist the radiation, but unfortunately, the radiation is too high for Thomas to pull any power out of it.

They see 2 guards with high powered guns standing outside the warehouse and while they are discussing what to do the guards spot them. A firefight starts and the Stranger blasts one of them, but the shot is so strong that it sets off something inside and part of the warehouse explodes. Edger takes out the other one and the party checks the wreckage.

They find the plans for a bomb and notes indicating that one is already set under the bar they were at. Using this information they are able to find the bomb and with help, disarm it.


Jeroth Jeroth

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