Before the time of Nuclear Magic, gods, the fae, and other magical creatures, roamed our world. However, the world had evolved to the time of science and technology. So, those beings made no real effort to hide their existence, modern man believed they didn’t exist. Real magic was mostly written off as parlor tricks or the strange machinations of the brain. No one could predict that the very thing that had caused mortals to write off the supernatural would be the catalyst to make them believe again.

Mab and Oberon had been at war forever and in a sense so had the mortal world. Mab had seen the mortals make their great invention of war, the nuclear bomb. She had seen the devastation too and so was reluctant to use this weapon. Suddenly one day she seemed to decide enough was enough and decided that, if nothing else, acquiring one of these weapons would give her the leverage she needed to win the war.

Unfortunately, a mortal caught her army trying to steal the bomb and though they escaped with it, he told his superiors about where it had went. Thinking this was a prelude to a strike on our world and scared of the powers the fae had used during the heist, they decided to throw a preemptive strike. That bomb corrupted the world of the fae and since their world and ours overlapped so strongly, the corruption spread. Thus the age of Nuclear Magic began.

Now magic whether used for good or ill can cause pain. Radiation seems to have become part of it’s essence. A wizard who can’t properly control his spells may suddenly find themselves covered in radiation burns or temporarily having a new appendage or even causing the plant life to die around them as the fallout of energy escapes their bodies.

Many magical beings have also found themselves with strange new powers that are rarely good.

With all the destruction caused by this new form of magic and refugees from the world of the fae, mankind can no longer ignore that magic is real and now has to try to survive in a nearly dead and very twisted world.

Nuclear Magic

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