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The Invasion

The time right after The Bomb was set off in Faire. Many of Faire’s residents retreated to our world to escape the devastation of their world. Everyone was very scared and there was a lot of prejudice against anything magical. This age lasted about 50 years.

The Settling

The world has started to accept it’s new situation and magic is more accepted, but it’s still met with trepidation in many places. Hate groups that started during the Invasion, like the Knights of the Old Ways, still hold sway in some cities and towns. For the most part though, people are just trying to survive. The current campaign starts about 20 years into the The Settling.

The Aftermath

Technology and the understanding of the corrupted magic has evolved to a point where it is now just a part of everyday life. Many places have been cleansed of the corruption and it is easier than ever to rid yourself of corrupt magic. Those places that haven’t been cleansed are still hard to live in, but not in the same way as during the last 2 ages. Hate groups barely hold any sway and are treated in the same way as the KKK was before the Invasion. There is still some systemic prejudices that magical beings and mutants have to deal with though.

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