Purifiers of Man

The Purifiers of Man believe that mortals can adapt to anything as long as they survive. They even see many of the mutations to the land brought on by the Invasion as beneficial. They have the most advanced rituals for cleansing a person of nuclear magic, but all of them involve putting the magic into the earth and letting it be twisted by it. Their excuse is that as long as the body is clean it can survive on this new version of earth. Thus their magic users would rather let uncontrolled magic fall out into the area than hold it in and be mutated by it.

Those without magic in this faction are great scientists and good with technology. They study the new forms of plant and animal life created by nuclear magic and have inventions that will help people survive and thrive in the most irradiated of areas.

The extremists in this faction hate any creatures that can cause mutations in the human population.

Not surprisingly, the Purifiers of Man often come into bloody conflict with the Purifiers of Earth.

Purifiers of Man

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