Purifiers of Earth

The Purifiers of Earth are a faction of mostly wizards who take great efforts to cleanse the earth of the nuclear magic that it was infected with since The Invasion. Those who cast magic in this group rarely, if ever, let their uncontrolled magic fall out into the environment. Many members of the group also go to infected areas and use a ritual to pull the twisted magic into themselves to cleanse the area. Of course, as a consequence, many members of this group are horribly mutated. Even though they have rituals to cleanse themselves of the magic they take in, they often are mutated by the amount they take in to cleanse an area before they can ever cleanse themselves.

Those who are a part of this faction without magic capabilities take on the responsibility of the revitalizing the cleansed areas by planting crops and protecting them from the more careless magic users.

Unfortunately, there are radical parts of this faction who believe that all sources of nuclear magic need to be eliminated to keep the earth clean and thus hunt down careless magic users and mutated magical creatures.

Not surprisingly, the Purifiers of Earth often come into bloody conflict with the Purifiers of Man.

Purifiers of Earth

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